Countess Tessaril

Most of the aristocracy in the Heartlands can trace their lineage back t either Iso or Kaddegh. Countess Vanya Tessaril is no exception. Hailing from a minor line in Iso, she earned the title of Baroness when she agreed to scout the ruins of an Imperial outpost near the Sanguine River.

Her adventures there led the to foundation of Evenor, and her later alliance with then Corporal Glass and the Order of the Dragonsaint has resulted in her new title and the addition of Stonebridge to her lands. Countess Tessaril remains a pragmatic and resourceful leader with a soft spot for adventurers.

She has a reputation in Glovan as a roughneck with no aptitude for courtly maneuvering, but none question her loyalty to the prince.

Baron Glass

Baron Glass rules the town of Stonebridge in name, though he leaves most of the town's civil leadership to others. He is the highest-ranking member of the Order of the Dragonsaint that is still active. By Order rules, when he became a baron he automatically achieved the rank of Colonel.

His command has taken to calling themselves the Stonebridge Regiment, despite the fact that they currently number in the dozens, not the hundreds. Glass is also the commanding officer of the Order's only active special operations unit, currently headed by a kith named Klizurk.

Beyond the jurisdiction of the Order, Baron Glass is a vassal of Countess Vanya Tessaril.


A highly talented smith in Stonebridge, Dazlesh is also slightly insane. This kith crafted special equipment for the Order of the Dragonsaint, and since the battle for Stonebridge she has signed on with the Order as its primary smith. While she is now technically a Sergeant, she does not care much for titles or ranks and acts pretty much as she always has.

The Dragonsaint

Not much is known about the Dragonsaint, save that he was a decent duelist and an average tactician who had an almost supernatural knack for attracting and earning the loyalty of tremendously talented men and women. The Dragonsaint came from the city of Kaddegh, and it's rumored that he returned there after the Serpent was defeated.

If thereis any truth to the rumors, and the Dragonsaint still lives, then he would be in his early seventies by now.

Edward "Ctho'tzin"

Captain of the small sailing vessel "Dauntless," Edward provided the troopers with passage from Stonebridge, down the Sanguine River, to Oris. Although he generally keeps his activities confined to the eastern coast, the recent construction of a dock as far inland as Stonebridge has attracted his attention.

Ctho'tzin means "close friend" or "cousin" in the meeri language, and Edward has even tatooed his face to make himself look more like a meeri. His first mate is a meeri woman, and rumored to be his lover. He and Tal'yozh know one another from previous dealings in Cthan'adu.

Edward's primary source of income is not entirely certain, but it is almost certainly involves smuggling.

Jen Dumas

A priestess of Avinius and a highly respected member of the community in Stonebridge, Jen is perhaps the most powerful civil authority in that town. The other council members often defer to her, and even Baron Glass sometimes seeks her advice. She is cool-headed and rational, and while her manner is sometimes seen as aloof she cares for the town of Stonebridge and all its residents, regardless of race.


K'rayig is an old meeri who owns and operates the oldest (previously the only) inn and tavern in Evenor, The Lonesome Tankard. He is an Order contact, and a veteran of the Serpent Wars.


Lann is an earthsoul genasi, and the leader of an organization called the Northern Expedition. He is a cautious and thorough individual with a broad range of experience. His wisdom and loyalty to the men and women under his command made him a successful field officer, but he was ultimately betrayed by his lieutenant Musaad.

Lann was being held prisoner at Xynvarria's Anvil when the Order of the Dragonsaint rescued him. He knows a great deal about the Elemental Chaos, and his insights might prove invaluable in predicting and thwarting the Serpent's next moves. Lann is rebuilding the Northern Expedition in Stonebridge, with the support of the Order of the Dragonsaint.


Musaad is a firesoul genasi who now leads one of the factions of the Northern Expedition. He was lieutenant to the original leader, Lann, before a deal brokered with the Serpent led him to betray the earthsoul, leave him in a prison under Xynvarria's Anvil for experimentation, and claim leadership of the organization himself.

Musaad is known to be a deadly warrior and perhaps the most dangerous of all genasi in the Northern Expedition. He believes that his people are destined to reclaim the glory of their titanic forebears, and apparently the Serpent has promised him the power of the Elemental Chaos in pursuit of that destiny. He is a man with a vision, and that may be his most dangerou aspect.

Musaad's current status and whereabouts are unknown.

Prince Vesper

Although the Heartlands Principality was created by the empire after its conquest of Iso, it has adapted to become a stable aristocracy in the absence of either imperial or Iso guidance. The current prince is a surprisingly young man named Aleksi Vesper.

Prince Vesper is possessed of a singular political and strategic mind, and his early successes against Iso have earned him a great deal of respect in his court, and even among his subjects high and low. He is descended from the Kaddegh-born line of artisocrats in the Heartlands, and his controversial marriage to the daughter of an exiled university professor from Lokkeld has fostered a great deal of intrigue in both principalities.

Princess Vesper is currently with child.

Red Bear

Red Bear is avriak, and the captain of the guard in Stonebridge. He does not report to the Order, but he and the other civil leaders in Stonebridge to occasionally include Baron Glass in their decision-making processes. Red Bear is the sort of police officer who works and leads by being thoughtful and earnest. He is quite popular among the town watch and the people Stonebridge, human and otherwise.

The Serpent

Little is known about the Serpent except that he was a very powerful runesmith who developed many new techniques in the forbidden field of magic known as fleshcrafting. He used aberrations borne of his work to conquer more than half of the North before a coalition of opposition forces fought him to a standstill and eventually killed him.

The Serpent was survived by a host of lieutenants and siciples, many of whom were hunted down and killed by the Order of the Dragonsaint during the ten years following his death. Even so, rumors abound of the Serpent's return from death, whether as a result of dark magic or a pact with some demonic force.

Whatever the truth may be, it is likely that the legacy of the Serpent will endure for years to come.


The pre-eminent force of commerce and development in Stonebridge is the meeri entrepeneur Tal'yozh. He owns the living copper mine and has also funded cranberry farming efforts. He sits on the town council, and most recently he has started a megaloceros tracking operation with Lann and the genasi of the Northern Expedition.


Although he lives as a hermit in the forest near Evenor, Tomas is actually a master runesmith and Order of the Dragonsaint sympathizer. He helped the troopers devise a cure for a contagious fleshcrafting curse that some of the Serpent's disciples created.

Victor Spira

The former captain of the guard in Stonebridge was Victor Spira. When troopers from the Order of the Dragonsaint learned that he was using ancient Kaddegh magic to build an army with the dead of that town they confronted him.

Victor lost the ensuing battle for Stonebridge and was destroyed. He spontaneously turned to dust and ash when killed, and his remains were never recovered.